Las Vegas. Sort of…

March 4, 2016 / business, Nevada, personal

Hotel Hallways…in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas, photographer, hallway

Beautiful light display in a simple hallway of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas

Most people go to Las Vegas to party, gamble, socialize and see the shows.  No me.  I make photographs of a hallway.  That’s what you do if you are a professional photographer.  You see art in whatever is around you.  I love the symmetry of this hallway. I like the way the ceiling and floor are pretty much the same size as the walls, and that the photo can become an optical illusion if you just turn it one way or the other. I like the way the lights make an alternating pattern as your eye progresses down the hallway and their symmetry from side to side.  And I just like shooting hotel hallways, and the Las Vegas MGM Grand has given me a whole lot of material with which to work.

I have heard people say that they all look the same.  They do not!  The textures are very different in each one.  Consider the textures of the floor, the textures of the wall and even the texture of the ceiling.  Even  the lights in the ceiling make a texture…some just better than others.  The only thing missing from this photo is a bride and a groom standing about half way down the hallway.  Then it would be perfect.

WPPI and the City

Don’t get me wrong I plan to see the city and and make many photographs of it.  Just not today.  I am here for a week for two purposes:  1) to attend WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International), and 2) to have a second honeymoon with my sweetheart.  This is the first time we have gotten away by ourselves since our 16-year-old son was born (which by the way was exactly 16-years ago today. Happy Birthday, Bryson!).  It was about time.  WPPI is a great source of information and training for photographers looking to learn new techniques, get renewed inspiration, pick up some new equipment (or at least drool over the new equipment), and rethink their photography businesses.  And that is just what I plan to do.  Every time I go to a photography conference I feel I do my best work on the very next wedding.  I really cannot wait to put into use what I am going to learn from the industry leaders in this next week.  I’ll keep you updated.