How did it start?

February 20, 2016 / business, personal

So, how did I get started in photography?  That’s a long and winding story.  I have always been interested in cameras and taking photos; I was the one who always had a camera at family reunions (much to the chagrin of my cousins).  But, photography is expensive, and music soon took over my time.  In 2009 I went to Best Buy to purchase a camera because my oldest son was getting pretty serious about baseball.  My whole criterion for selecting a camera was to purchase the one with the fastest frame-rate-per-second.  I thought I needed that to capture the baseball coming off the bat. Real informed decisions, huh?  So, I chose a Nikon D90 and the rest is history.  I thought I would enjoy taking photographs of my son playing baseball, and maybe some team photos.

As I learned more about photography I thought I would maybe do some paid team sports portrait and action photography.  Well, two sets of team portraits and two baseball tournaments later I swore off that whole idea.  I enjoy watching baseball too much to photograph it.  Photography is work; whether people believe it or not.

2010-04-16 Baseball - Poca vs. Valley game-9So I began mentoring with a wonderful photographer who just happened to be a wedding photographer.  He taught me much about photography and also let me follow him on a few weddings; I was hooked.  The idea of a whole day of photographing people who expect to be photographed makes for a great experience for me.  Make no mistake, it is a ton of work.  You don’t just show up at a wedding, take a bunch of photographs and call it done.  The actual photographing is only about 15% of what I do as a wedding photographer.  The business side of this endeavor is staggering, but so very worth it when I get to post photos, deliver albums and hang wall art for my clients.  I never thought I would enjoy photographing weddings, but I truly do.  And it is always a joy to meet and work with new people and make them look their very best.

And I can now catch the baseball coming off the bat on the first try every time – it’s more about the photographer than the equipment.

That’s how it all started; cannot wait to see where it all takes me.