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March 5, 2016

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Las Vegas, welcome, sign, neon

Truth in Advertising? This is not the most artistic photograph I have ever made, but I left it pretty much […]

March 4, 2016

Las Vegas. Sort of…

Las Vegas, photographer, hallway

Hotel Hallways…in Las Vegas? Most people go to Las Vegas to party, gamble, socialize and see the shows.  No me. […]

February 25, 2016

“Which Camera Should I Buy?”

When people are wanting to get a “better camera” than their point-and-shoot, they often ask me “Which camera should I […]

February 20, 2016

How did it start?

So, how did I get started in photography?  That’s a long and winding story.  I have always been interested in […]

February 18, 2016


I have been holding onto this news for a couple of months now because I was waiting to release the […]

February 17, 2016

A New Journey

Welcome to the official launch of Alan French Photography. I have put off “officially” doing this for several years. I […]