Happy 2nd Anniversary

March 1, 2016 / personal, wedding, West Virginia

Meek 2nd

2 Years of Love

How well I remember the days when my brother, all our cousins and I would play in the yard until the sun set on warm, West Virginia summer evenings. Riding my bike with my brother, lightning bugs, horseshoes, and playing music, were much more of my interest at the time.  Our family was very good about getting together often to eat, play games, eat, play more games, eat…well, you get the idea. My father was the oldest of 6 siblings and Kristi’s dad is the youngest.  Despite the fact that there is quite a difference in our ages, we all still had a great time with each other on those long summer days.  Then we grew up, and Kristi found the man with whom she wanted to spend her life.  It’s fun shooting a wedding when you get to do it for someone you have known for her whole life.  I was very honored when she asked me to make the photographs for her wedding in 2014.  Congratulations, Ben & Kristi!  Here’s to many more happy years together.